nick cianfrocco


+30B racer


Motorsports has always been a part of my life as my family owns and operates Oneida Suzuki in Oneida, NY.  I started early with my first JR50 at the age of 3 and I was hooked! I grew up riding in backwoods and homemade tracks until college where I focused on my degree as a software engineer. Fast forward to 2013, I started getting the itch to ride motocross again and picked up my first 250 4-stroke. However, I quickly realized that I had nowhere to ride in my suburban community!  Lucky, my thoughtful wife gave me a gift certificate to Area 51 for my birthday!  The certificate introduced me to WNY Racing, practice days, MX school, private lessons, and eventually turned into racing weekends!  I began at the back of the +30c class and in 2016 finished 1st overall while also moving up to the amateur class.

My motocross family has grown over the years from meeting others in the “old man” classes and has become an integral part of my life.  I've realized that to go fast and win, you need to stay healthy.  This starts with proper riding technique, seat time, and avoiding injury.  I look forward to continuing my own motocross technique advancement as well as helping others enjoy the sport to their fullest abilities!

Notable Racing Stats:

2016 Plus 25 Am/Nov (B/C) 3rd Overall
2016 Plus 30 Novice (C) 1st Overall

2015 Sr. Fall Classic Plus 30 Novice (C) - 1st 

2013 Started Racing Plus 30 Novice (C)

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