Next Level MX

Technique Clinic

MX Technique Clinics

Motocross is a very technical sport with many moving parts that all need to happen at the same time. For years it has been taught by classes or schools were you signed up for a 1 or 2 days of instruction. In that time frame you would cover all aspects of motocross.  We believe, in order for you to get the most out of the instruction, the skills need to be broken down into smaller chunks.


So we have developed the Next Level MX Technique Clinic.  We will offer clinics that cover starts, cornering, jumping and more.  In this format you can sign up for the skill that you believe is holding you back from progressing to the next level. The major skill for each clinic is broken down into smaller skills. They are then practiced through drills designed specifically to develop the minor skill. Once all minor skills are taught, they are then combined and practiced to execute the major skill.   

Clinics will vary in length. Some will be 1 hour up to 3 hours depending on the complexity of the technique being taught.

 “Practice with a Purpose” is what we believe. Our clinics will show you how.


Blake Halstead – Amateur (B) Racer (Raced Regional Qualifier For Loretta’s)

  Has trained at Club MX for 3 Years

Bruce Curtis – Amateur (B) Racer +30, +40, +50 (Raced Regional Qualifier For Loretta’s)

Nick Cianfrocco - +25B, +30B Racer

Who Will Benefit From Clinics

  • Beginner & Novice Racer looking to advance to the next level

  • Racers who are frustrated with their cornering ability

  • Racers who are tired of getting poor starts and having to work through the pack

  • Racers who are tired of just following the rough main line

  • Racers who want to be faster and still ride safely

  • Riders & Racers riding a 65cc - 450cc MX Race bike

Cornering Clinic                        

Techniques Covered                                    

  • Carrying Corner Momentum                               

  • Corner Setup (Braking)                                       

  • Corner Entry Angle                                           

  • Corner Body Position                                           

  • Gear Selection                                                   

  • Corner Line Selection                                         

Starts Clinic 

Techniques Covered ​​​

  • Gate Prep

  • Gate Selection

  • Body Position

  • Shift Techniques

  • Throttle/Clutch Control

  • First Corner Entry

More Clinics to Come

This season we will offer Starts Clinics, Rutted Corner Clinics

and 50cc Clinics. Stay tuned!!!

Current Clinics to Sign up for


​Coming Soon (Rutted Corner Clinic)

     Date:   To Be Set In May              

     Time:   After Regular Saturday Practice

     Cost:   TBD

Sign Up:  TBD

                *Starts Clinic in April was a great success!!! Don't miss the next Rutted Corner Clinic in May!!!


- Due to mechanical, sickness and injury we will not refund with cash.

  We will credit with entry into the next available class at the discretion

  of Area 51 management.

Email me if you have any questions.